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The firm of Lane & Karlo, LLP, was established in Atlanta, Georgia, in July, 1996, and is the reestablishment of a firm which previously existed from 1984 to 1989.  The firm is engaged in a legal practice encompassing most areas of real property law, including commercial and residential real estate acquisition, ownership, finance, development, leasing, foreclosure, and taxation (including tax deferred exchanges pursuant to ยง1031 IRC), as well as trusts and estates and the formation of business entities.

The firm deals with various real property matters, consisting primarily of residential real property closings, with special emphasis on resolution of complex title defects.  These closings are conducted on behalf of numerous real estate brokers, builders, developers and/or commercial lenders providing loan services in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

The firm also has significant experience in closing transactions involving properties marketed through the auction process.  The partners of the firm have performed extensive legal services, as partners or as of counsel with prior firms, relative to various aspects of real property matters on behalf of Resolution Trust Corporation and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. These services were primarily in conjunction with the auctions of large numbers of real properties; the firm additionally represents auctioneers, sellers and/or purchasers in auction transactions involving few or single properties.

We have recently added Pet Trusts as a new product we are offering our clients.  Concern for the continuing well being of our pets and our love of pets in general prompted us to offer these specialized legal services to the public.  Click here to learn more about our Pet Trusts.

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