A cooperative group writing workshop lesson. materials: chart paper ideas to life on paper. by: janet stephenson, 4th grade teacher. related lesson plans: lumberjack - whiten.
4th Grade Writers Workshop Lesson Plans


april 19

If you've got lessons plans, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. 1st - 2nd 3rd - 4th in this lesson, fourth grade students discuss standard elements in a biography and examine the characteristics of frighteningly .

Nov 1, 1998 i actually teach second grade but i am a literacy trainer for my district. i don't plan on starting writer's workshop until after the first month of glean indent.
  Fourth grade lesson plans for writing workshop. this is where i will be posting the lesson plans that i am using with my first graders at guthrie elementary.

This lesson is to be used in a writers' workshop. this lesson helps students plan for writing a short st subject: english language arts. grade: grade 6, grade 7.  
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Name Age PA Pitches P/PA Strike% Swing% Contact%
Jesus Sucre 25.17 11 49 4.45 59.2% 40.8% 90.0%
Carlos Triunfel 23.33 47 182 3.87 68.1% 48.4% 85.2%
Nick Franklin 22.25 21 82 3.9 69.5% 53.7% 84.1%
Nate Tenbrink 26.5 45 165 3.67 59.4% 43.0% 83.1%
Scott Savastano 27 17 80 4.71 57.5% 32.5% 80.8%
Endy Chavez 35.33 31 113 3.65 61.1% 36.3% 80.5%
Rich Poythress 25.83 43 167 3.88 61.1% 35.3% 79.7%
Alex Liddi 24.83 50 182 3.64 59.3% 42.9% 74.4%
Eric Thames 26.58 49 202 4.12 62.9% 47.5% 72.9%
Mike Zunino 22.25 37 126 3.41 65.1% 47.6% 71.7%
Carlos Peguero 26.33 50 164 3.28 72.6% 56.1% 71.7%
Denny Almonte 24.75 27 111 4.11 67.6% 51.4% 49.1%

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