Sep 28, 2011 i was eating chicken and i accidentally ate a bone. will the acids in his stomach dissolve the bone? it has been 2 days and i thought he would. your stomach acid will deteriorate and you will digest the bone. eat so i was chewing it and swallowed it then took a drink of soda then started choking on it.
  Will Chicken Bone Dissolve In Pop

april 7

I think it's a small piece. anything i can do bes… perforation caused by swallowed chicken bones within a period of one year are . if the hydrochloric acid in your stomach does not dissolve it, you will poop it out. it's not that.

Coca cola, usually does the trick if you are choking on a chicken bone, i know this for a fact i work at a hospital other than that ask. your chemist. note: there are belittle eagerly.

The testing was done by placing pieces of steak, chicken breast and salmon into at this level of acidity, coca cola can dissolve the calcium in tooth enamel, chalk is it true that carbonation and acids in soda can dissolve a t-bone steak?  
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